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I didn't (and couldn't if I tried) make this up. Head on over to if you feel the compunction to try it out. I also completely neglected to add, "And lesbians," into Biggs' demographics breakdown, although I imagine there isn't a whole lot of crossover between the rally racing and lesbian communities.

I've spent my gaming time this week digging deep into Batman: Arkham Asylum. I'd meant to have reviews for Far Cry 2 and 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand by now, but it looks like I'll shortly have a queue of three reviews to write up.

Until then, I wholeheartedly recommend Batman. It's well written and voice acted, with solid mechanics. Unless the ending goes straight to hell, it'll easily earn a Rank A from me. The PlayStation 3 version has exclusive and free Joker DLC, but Xbox 360 users shouldn't feel like they're missing out. It's not integral to the game, but merely icing on the cake. Actually, it's not even that important; it's extra sprinkles on the icing on the cake. Nevertheless, for those of you with the option to choose between the two, this makes it an easy decision.

Far Cry 2 is an ambitious but severely flawed game. I have to give it a Rank B for trying so hard. I hope it's only a matter of time until somebody gets an open world first person shooter right, because Far Cry 2 gave me a serious taste for a good one. 50 Cent is a completely derivative third person shooter slathered with G-Unit flavor. It also delivers on everything it attempts. It too will garner a Rank B, albeit for being an unambitious title that absolutely executes.

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