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Dee Yun Dee Yun: (contact-deleteme[at]-deleteme-direman [dot] com) 2009-10-09 06:21:53

Celebrating Each Others' Strength

There's just something inherently funny about hetero-homoerotica. Not homophobia, mind you, which can get extremely ugly extremely quickly - I'm talking about the squirming discomfort that afflicts over-compensatingly straight dudes when unexpectedly accosted by the prospect of man love.

There's a terrific episode from the second season of 30 Rock where Tim Conway guest stars as a forgotten TV star from yesteryear visiting the NBC studios. He delivered some deliciously offensive lines, one of which semi-inspired today's strip:

"Men were men back then, I'll tell ya. You wanted to do something private with another man, it wasn't gay. No, it was just two men...celebrating each others' strength."

It's probably the most subversive sitcom on network television. Some other gems were:

"Different back then, I'll tell ya. Yes sir, boy, they were classy. Men came to work in ties and hats. And you had tailor made suits, a place for a little carnation in your lapel, and inside a monogrammed pocket for your opium pipe and your switchblade."

[Stumbling upon the writers' room] "We used to call this the Jew room."

"Back then, we didn't have pages, you know. We had what we called 'sandwich girls'." "Oh, because they got you sandwiches?" [Motioning with his palms together] "No, no, no. Two guys would get..."

There's something fantastical about old coots speaking from the heart without the filters of modern political correctness. A buddy (Dan DeVoe, SHOUT OUT) told me about one such senior citizen who uttered this phrase during the last presidential campaign, "I suppose I'll give that colored feller a chance."

Anyhow, it's fun to juxtapose incongruous sensibilities. Jesting (or was I?), I asked one of my buddies if he would suck cock in order to save my life. Machismo ablaze, he informed me that he would miss me. But we both know, Paul, that you love me enough to celebrate each others' strength if necessary.

(Did any over-compensatingly straight dudes find today's post uncomfortable? LOL)

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