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Rise of the PS3

Dee Yun Dee Yun: (contact-deleteme[at]-deleteme-direman [dot] com) 2009-11-06 08:44:59

Is 2010 FINALLY the year of the PS3?

Sony apologists have been rallying around the "This is the year of the PlayStation 3" cry for three years now. MAYBE, it might come to some fruition in 2010.

The new $300 price point finally has units moving, and the PS3 managed to top Xbox sales this past month. Of course, it still has an enormous way to go to make up for being outsold two to one for three years (and infinity to one for a year before that). Nevertheless, this should encourage more studios to develop promising PlayStation products.

Netflix also announced that their streaming service is coming to the PlayStation 3. This erases a massive advantage that the Xbox 360 has enjoyed until now. Weirdly, it'll require a physical disc to boot up the service. (I wonder if it'll count toward the number of DVDs you can have out as part of your traditional Netflix account?) And it won't require the additional subscription fee that Xbox Live charges. I personally don't care since I'm happy to pay for Xbox Live anyway, but I imagine, in the future, my laziness will simply grab whichever controller happens to be closer at the time I feel like using instant Netflix.

The Xbox 360 still enjoys a significantly superior game library and the superlative Xbox Live service, but the PlayStation brand still holds a significant cache with less informed gamers. Tack on the Blu-Ray player to the new price point and upcoming Netflix service, and it's a formidable machine. My preference still lies solidly with the 360 for now, but I'm rooting for the PS3 because competition only benefits consumers. Maybe with sufficient pressure from Sony, Microsoft will finally stop charging for Xbox Live (yeah, not likely).

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