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Bigots and Morons

Dee Yun Dee Yun: (contact-deleteme[at]-deleteme-direman [dot] com) 2010-01-25 08:20:49

One Day, these Bigots/Morons Will Be In Charge

Living in a multicultural metropolis like Los Angeles can help broaden your horizons. On a day when I'm out and about, it's not unusual for me to hear half a dozen different languages during the course of my errands. Sure, racism and race related tension is abundant, but we're forced to find a way to coexist or we'd burn our city to the ground. It's happened a few times before, and we always regret it afterward.

I find it gets uglier the further I get from California cities. I'm not even talking about the Deep South or some nook of the Appalachian Mountains. Cleveland seems to be tolerant enough, but some bars in Cincinnati will refuse to serve drinks to Asian Americans - so the Mason Dixon Line actually cuts through Ohio somewhere.

Washington is a fairly "Blue" state, but I've discovered that DAMN THOSE MOTHERFUCKERS ARE RACIST. I'm talking about college kids there - the age demographic which ought to be the most broadminded about race. I know this dude from Washington, and he was telling this story to one of his Washingtonian buddies (while internet gaming), the gist of it which goes:

"I was showing a magic trick to my kid nephew, and he was amazed. He wanted to do it, but couldn't no matter how hard he tried. So I asked him, 'Did you say the magic words? No, not have to say Negro Begone!'"

And both dudes thought it was hilarious that he was teaching his kid nephew this phrase. After a few more mantra-like recitations of this line, I asked them to knock it off because, "That's fucked up."

The second guy's reply was..."Not if you're not racist."


I later run across another of their schoolmates, who's running around with the clan tag [NIGR].

A couple of days later, I got roped into a clan match between rival Washington universities. One of the dudes on the opposing team had elected to represent himself with the gamertag of something like "IxHANGxNIGGRS". I forget the precise alphanumeric breakdown, but the intended meaning was clear.

Some time later, I asked Mr. "Not if you're not racist" what's up with all the repugnant Washingtonian racism. He had no idea what I was talking about until I brought up these various examples. This time, his reply was, "Oh, that's because we have so few of them up here." I suppose that's a valid explanation, although it's not a valid justification, you racists.

I'd like to drop them off in the parking lot of my store in Lynwood (the toughest, and extremely African American, part of Los Angeles) and see them run their mouths there.

And then I came across a set of imbeciles pretending to be foreigners and mocking America, and today's strip was born. These ignoramuses are the future of our nation? I'll have to rely on these jackholes for my SSN benefits? I don't know why I'm paying taxes anymore.

It's a significant week for game releases:

Mass Effect 2 is the no-brainer of the bunch. The link below will allow fans of the first space opera RPG to snag the Xbox 360 or PC versions in both regular and collector's edition flavors. Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars for the Wii is an EXTREMELY Japanese 2-D fighter; the madness looks delicious, and I think we're fortunate that this novelty is even getting a North American release. No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle hits the Wii; the first one was frequently frustrating, but is perhaps the most stylish (in that bizzare Japanese idiom), and definitely the most violent game on the system. I've only been tangentially following MAG's development, but it boasts a notable 256 multiplayer (kind of) for the PlayStation 3.

I'm planning on popping links to significant releases each Monday. If you click through and purchase them through Amazon, you'll be helping our site continue - thank you in advance to any and all of our supporters.

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David Vargas David Vargas: (dave-deleteme[at]-deleteme-squishycomics [dot] com) 2010-01-25 10:15:14

All Ethnicities Play The Game

Since virtually nobody in my circle of friends has what's considered an ethnic accent, we can play along with Live's community when they begin to spout hate and ignorance. Also, to be fair, this practice is not unique to White folk; Blacks, Asians, and Hispanics will also join in hating "the other folk".

This group of Black players (they identified themselves as such) who, after getting soundly beaten by me and my buddies, resorted to verbal abuse. They went down the list presented in today's strip, eventually settling on race as "your mom" and "you're gay" wasn't working for them.

After riling them up further by responding in an agreeable, even tone, they started listing all of my "White guy" deficiencies, even though one of my buddies tried informing them, "He's not White". They then told us how our "faggity White asses" are too scared to go into their Southern neighborhoods. I completely agreed with them. I AM scared to go into the deep south because, you know, I'm not White. I'm just as worried about southern White supremacists as any non-White person is.

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