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X-Com Reimagined

Dee Yun Dee Yun: (contact-deleteme[at]-deleteme-direman [dot] com) 2010-04-30 03:14:17


I'll freely acknowledge that deciding such matters as "best PC game of all time" is fraught with uncertainties and subjectivity, but if X-COM: UFO Defense isn't somewhere in your top five, I simply don't value your opinion. It's an amazing turn-based strategic and tactical experience, that's still enjoyably playable even though it's now a venerable sixteen years old.

I know! Let's "reimagine" it as a first person shooter!

If this is going to be a straight up by-the-numbers FPS, I just don't see the point. It doesn't gain anything by the license. X-Com fans are a dedicated and vociferous lot, but are a decided minority. It's not like the developers would be cashing in on a recognizable brand for the GameStop and Walmart crowd.

On the other hand, if 2K Marin somehow incorporates those strategic elements of planning the defense of Earth by juggling resources into research and deployment, I'm intrigued. Managing squads and their loadouts AND shooting lobster men in the face would definitely be palatable. But I'd much rather watch my Scarface 2 pitch than play another Halo clone reskinned with X-COM enemies.

The Fallout franchise faced a similar issue with its resuscitation: reimagineering an ancient property beloved by an ardent and easily angered, but TINY fan base. Fallout 3 somehow turned out pretty well. Here's hoping...

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Dee Yun Dee Yun: (contact-deleteme[at]-deleteme-direman [dot] com) 2010-04-29 04:04:38

Diplomacy V - Fall 1908

This game has boiled down to Austria and Italy vs. France and Germany, with Russia as a wild card. The Austro-Italian bloc is attempting to conquer Russian holdings, but Russian forces continue to rampage behind their advance lines (Russia submitted perhaps his best set of orders this past turn). And as long as Germany continues to support Russia, Moscow and Russia remain inviolable. They need to contain Russia to those two provinces as quickly as possible, so they can turn their attention to the other alliance.

The Franco-German coalition continues to struggle with trust issues, and that definitely will be an issue going forward. Germany has found himself unable to make any progress into the Tyrolian corridor, and will no doubt be tempted to turn on Russia or France at some point. A botched assault on Russia could result in tipping the balance of power toward the Austro-Italians, and stabbing his partner would result in political isolation. Yet, if he cannot acquire any gains in any other way... Meanwhile, the French should be content with Germany's stalled engine, as he finally is bringing force to bear in the Mediterranean.

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