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Viva la insubordinacion

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Diplomacy V - Fall 1911

This retreat phase is HILARIOUS (and favors Italy). Collision imminent! AWROOOGA!

The war between the Austro-Italian alliance and the Franco-German coalition continues...and continues.

Austria pasted Germany this year, returning vengeance twofold for his lost Galacian army. He crushed a German brigade out of existence in Vienna, then followed up with a repeat performance in the key Tyrolian corridor. Having fully regained the breadth of his own nation, and with his rear secured, he can now begin the daunting task of waging an offensive war against his enemies.

Italy regained the key Tyrrhenian Sea sector, but because he assisted Austria's push into Tyrolia, he couldn't spare the minimal firepower necessary to hold the Spartan Hot Gates of Piedmont. I expect several more years of this World War I style of fighting for inches.

France managed to shove an army into Piedmont, one of the toughest choke points in the game. However, one of his fleets collided with an Italian fleet, obliterating both. While Italy rebuilt it right in the zone of operations, the French fleet must set sail all the way back from Brest. Considering the difficulty in pushing forward, I'm certain France is staring hard at the possibility of stabbing his partner.

Germany is simply getting played. If you read between the lines (particularly that whiffed Russian support order), you can see that the Austro-Italian propaganda machine has been stressing the German psyche into strategic errors. Having lost all offensive momentum, he must carefully reexamine the stalemate lines and somehow seize back the initiative.

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