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PlayStation Plus

Dee Yun Dee Yun: (contact-deleteme[at]-deleteme-direman [dot] com) 2010-07-09 05:03:47

PlayStation Plus

I'm honestly bewildered by PlayStation Plus. I'm half tempted to sign up just for the experience of monthly mystification. I can see how they got to this point, though. Microsoft must be making mad bank from Xbox Live subscription fees, and Sony likes money too. Who doesn't? Everybody and their grandmothers are trying to monetize their services now. But Sony is handcuffed by their own proclamation that they'd NEVER charge for existing PlayStation Network services. (Although, they have broken promises before, like backward compatibility.)

So they cobbled together this subscription package which consists of the most random scattershot in a paid service I've ever witnessed. It's like a combination book, fruit, and bath salts of the month club all in one.

First, you get "free" games that they choose. If they happen to select something you're interested in, I suppose you win greater value than you spent (for that month, anyway). It's like a charity blind auction, where the charity in question is the beleaguered been-in-the-red-for-far-too-long Sony's Game Division. The fun part is that if you ever unsubscribe to the service, you can't play those games until you re-up.

Next, they'll toss you "free" themes, avatars, and the like. Whatever.

Discounts. This, despite the mocking tone of the comic strip, is the one offering with the potential to sign me up. It's like a membership to a wholesale club like Costco. I do buy a lot of games, and as long as I save more money than the yearly $50 membership fee, the other stuff actually WOULD be free. But only if they discount products I actually want.

Demos. Seriously Sony, you can't program your network to check whether or not I already bought the product? Full game trials? You're going to randomly download UNSOLICITED gigabytes of data, FULL GAMES, just so I can demo it for a few minutes before it shuts down? And you don't offer these demos unless I sign up for this service?! I thought demos existed to spur sales; doesn't it miss the fucking point if you have to PAY for the chance to see if you want to PAY for a product?

+4 points to Sony for effort and attempting something new. -9 million for good thinking.

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