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Nintendo 3DS

Dee Yun Dee Yun: (contact-deleteme[at]-deleteme-direman [dot] com) 2011-02-28 04:09:24

Nintendo 3DS

That Nintendo can offer a glasses-free 3D image handheld device at a semi-reasonable price is impressive. However, it requires a specific and fairly narrow viewing angle. If your head or the 3DS moves out of this line of sight, the 3D breaks down. This might be a problem with a handheld that can easily be jostled or moved, particularly one sporting a MOTION SENSOR among its features.

I've previously posted with enthusiasm about 3D technology, and I'm still on a point. I've got two 3D Blu-rays: Avatar and Despicable Me, and I'll never watch them in 2D again. I love videogames in 3D; it made Call of Duty: Black Ops that much more immersive.

Unfortunately, the tech still needs some work. It works by alternately shuttering each eye rapidly, so the framerate essentially needs to be doubled (so that each eye receives the normal number of frames). For films, that's no big deal. But for games, doubling the framerate costs a significant amount of processing power. Simple games like Super Stardust HD is one thing, but games as intense as Gran Turismo 5 are another matter. I love what 3D does for that game; the sense of depth contributes greatly to the racing experience. Unfortunately, it also results in reducing the graphical detail a bit. Worse, the 3D effects are less than perfect, with a noticeable amount of ghosting and flickering. I turn on the 3D when I want the increased sensation of driving, but for the routine grinding of race progression, I stick with the clarity of 2D.

When 3D is done right, I love it. But it's the sort of thing that is difficult to tolerate when it's less than ideal.

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