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Bigotbot 9000

Dee Yun Dee Yun: (contact-deleteme[at]-deleteme-direman [dot] com) 2011-03-28 02:04:06

I'll likely laugh at the TONE of this post in the morning, but the message will still ring true. I can sober up, but stupid people will still be stupid

I'd like to lead off this post by preemptively apologizing to rednecks who aren't racists, and fratbros who aren't gaybashers. It's just that these cretins online just lend themselves to simple cardboard cutout representations. I also apologize to anyone afflicted with Tourette syndrome. These bigots just exhibit the same behavior as extreme cases, only it's not the result of a neurological disorder. Instead, it's the exhibition of a profound lack of character, imagination, and any semblance of intelligence.

The problem with morons is that they don't know they are morons. It's part of the symptomatology of being stupid. They guffaw at every inane utterance of their cohorts, regardless of the dearth of actual humor content. They repeat the same bigoted invectives like trained parrots, and regard these hateful abuses to be the ultimate culmination of intelligent debate and rhetoric.

My point is this: fight the good fight. Strive to better yourself. Consider education not as a piece of paper, but as a lifelong struggle to see clearly and widely. Then couple this insight with sufficient courage to better your sphere of influence. We need to counter the small, mean, and stupid people and their loud, loud, venomous voices. Arm yourselves keenly my friends, for we are vastly outnumbered. At least our foes wage this war of wits completely unarmed.

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