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Dee Yun Dee Yun: (contact-deleteme[at]-deleteme-direman [dot] com) 2011-04-15 05:19:45

The Genesis of Today's Comic

Here is an IM transcript of a conversation between me and an unmarried buddy explaining the intricacies of matrimony:

me: I hate brussel sprouts, but my wife insists on getting them.

me: I throw these hissyfits, so she's been trying different ways to prepare them.

me: She finally found a way to make them palatable to me.

buddy: hahahahaha

buddy: why bother?!

me: Covered in garlic to the point where that's all I can taste.

buddy: hahahahaha

buddy: that seems like the safest way

buddy: but WHY

me: Dunno, you learn to make compromises in marraige.

me: I can't stop her from buying them, but she can't stop me from complaining.

me: Although, I guess now she won...

me: Because now, brussel sprouts are wondrous garlic conveying edibles.

buddy: hahaha

buddy: you have lost :-(

me: This battle, yes....

buddy: the WAR

me: Well, that is marraige.

me: After you say the vows, the man is put on a purely insurgency footing.

buddy: hahahahha

buddy: that is awesome

me: Case in point. I've been hacking my lungs out.

me: She traipses around in her skivvies, and then BENDS OVER to pick something up.

buddy: haaaahah ahahahahaha

me: As I feebly reach over, she admonishes me, "Don't get me sick!"

buddy: that is awful

buddy: awful hilarious

me: The truth is awfully hilarious.

buddy: yes tis

buddy: hahahaha

buddy: oh man that is cruel

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