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Cyber Insurgency

Dee Yun Dee Yun: (contact-deleteme[at]-deleteme-direman [dot] com) 2011-04-25 04:42:16

Cyber Insurgency

As of this writing, the PlayStation Network has been down for five days and counting. Xbox Live may be expensive, but at least it kinda works.

This whole situation reminded me of military insurgency scenarios. You have a powerful official establishment (political government, Sony) who is vehemently opposed by an ideologically driven guerrilla force (terrorists, hackers).

Oddly, the PlayStation 3 enjoyed a healthy relationship with the hacker/modder community. While just about every platform from the PC to Xbox to iPhone has been hacked, jailbroken, and homebrewed, the PlayStation 3 had been inviolable. Sony bought some good will by offering "OtherOS" on the system, allowing other operating systems such as Linux to be installed.

However, they later decided that it was too much of a security risk and removed the feature via firmware update. Ironically, this engendered immediate "outrage" from the hacker community, and a fellow by the name of GeoHot posted the PS3's (feeble root key authorization signature.

Panicking, Sony marshaled their considerable resources to pursue litigation against this upstart. In defiance, the hacker organization Anonymous attacked PSN with sporadic DoS attacks. And now the service has collapsed entirely. Remember when President Bush was calmly trying to reassure us that everything was going to be fine in the aftermath of 9/11? That's what Sony is currently trying to do. They casually dropped a press release to the effect that they're "currently *REBUILDING* the network" and that they would "announce updates on their websites" and promptly went dark. They're looking to invade someone.

Five days and counting. If I did the majority of my online gaming on the PS3, I'd be cursing Sony and contemplating taking up substance abuse to ameliorate my online gaming withdrawal symptoms.

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