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Dee Yun Dee Yun: (contact-deleteme[at]-deleteme-direman [dot] com) 2011-06-20 02:20:26

+5 Bosom

And that brings us to the last of the MadCat =^-^= guest comics. It's too bad; I would've liked to write one more Everwas crossover with Dave the Direman and Rissa. Big thanks once again to MadCat =^-^= for filling in for itinerant Vargas.

Dee Yun Dee Yun: (contact-deleteme[at]-deleteme-direman [dot] com) 2011-06-18 19:38:28

Diplomacy VI - Spring of 1995

Britain's Steve G. spent the turn maneuvering into position toward Spain at France's behest. This nonaggression between the British/French/German triangle is wholly (unholy?) unnatural, and it will end in tears for at least two of them.

Egypt lost significant ground to Turkey by failing to bounce the Eastern Mediterranean. That's THE key territory to this conflict. Moreover, Turkey will be getting builds this coming turn, whereas Egypt will be getting none. It may be a few years away, but barring outside interference or Turkish incompetence, Steve W. is done.

Here's the thing, though. My personal "dossier entry" on the Egyptian player is, "Smarter than every player on the board, including himself." Something's afoot, but it looks to me like he completely outsmarted himself. He's simply lagging too far behind in force ratio.

France continued his push on Spain, and has finally mustered sufficient firepower to inch into the peninsula. Meanwhile, Paul has continued his policy of complete appeasement toward Germany. As I mentioned under the British entry, this unnatural axis is allowing the rest of the world to run amok, disrupting the overall balance of tempo. France appears likely to succeed in his immediate goals, but at the cost of severe (read: game costing) momentum loss. Meanwhile, Germany grows like a tumor on his back.

Germany strolled eastward as was expected. Germany and Poland are the "Modern Variant"'s analog of Germany and Austria, and under normal circumstances should be working tightly together. However, with the complete freedom of a kowtowing France [non-aggression + support moves + vacating supply center DMZ(?!)], Mike is free to do whatever the hell he likes, and cannibalize whichever target is most expedient. He's chosen Poland's irresistibly soft underbelly. I'm somewhat doubtful of Germany's long term viability due to uncertain diplomatic relations, but he's certainly in healthy shape in the now.

[Edit: As Russia falls, he's very likely to support Germany as an act of vengeance/spite. I can't believe how lucky Germany has had it this game.]

Italy received unexpected (at least to me) support from Egypt into Tunisia. Kodi will be getting a badly needed build this coming turn, and is sitting in the eye of the hurricane. As wars rage around her, she has a fragile opportunity to strike the compacts she needs to get back in the game. I see no obvious course of action, so she'll need to engineer an imaginative opportunity. Rallying the rescue of Poland and/or Spain to curtail her enemies, or arbitrating the Egyptian-Turkish War are possibilities for her attention.

I feel bad for Poland. Aside from minor tactical issues, Dave showed a strong outing this game. Unlike previous rounds, he struck toward a decisive strategic goal AND implemented the diplomatic accord necessary to pursue it. Unfortunately for him, France is killing him by feeding him to Germany.

Russia's hopes dimmed once again, as he apparently reached out to Turkey for aid, only to have it bitten. Charles lost the Volga, which split his eastern flank, and the Turkish betrayal will result in the annihilation of those isolated forces. His western flank was also cracked in the Baltic, as Poland pushed the other end of the Polish/Ukrainian envelopment maneuver. The one ray of hope for Russia is the impending German invasion of Poland.

Doom comes for Spain. Kang has elected to take a Helm's Deep ("What can men do against such reckless hate?" lol) stand against France, and expose his unprotected rear to the British flanking fleet. Only diplomacy can save him from becoming the first eliminated player.

Turkey has been gifted the most fortunate set of circumstances. Gorbash was ceded position against Egypt, France's Germany-massaging has kept Italy occupied, and Ukraine has shown to be a reasonable ally. This union is the "Modern" version of the Juggernaut, and nobody is currently poised to confront the Turkish half of it.

The other half of the Juggernaut, Ukraine, is about to gain two more builds as Russia watches in horror. Poland is temporarily shielding Yino from Germany, and must use this time to finish, or at least critically cripple his prey. He needs to seize as much strength as possible before the Germans manage to link up with Russia.

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