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Roadside Emergency

Dee Yun Dee Yun: (contact-deleteme[at]-deleteme-direman [dot] com) 2011-07-23 23:50:03

Diplomacy VI - Spring of 1997

BRITAIN patiently continued to assist Spain in the war against France without any reward, at least not in the form of supply centers. This can easily be attributed to the necessities of tactical positioning, but this adjudicator is beginning to wonder when Steve G. will actually gain another build. Also, it must be noted that the naval Cold War with Germany has finally ended. We may soon have some very busy boats.

EGYPT had a poor response to Turkey's betrayal, and will likely lose Cairo in the fall. Steve W. is in a defensive final stand, and requires outside aid. Ukraine obliged, but it remains to be seen if this is sufficient to stave off elimination at the hands of the mighty Turkish armada.

FRANCE too is in dire straits, as he faces offensives from multiple directions. Paul's air force just got smashed by a D-Daying Spanish army, and he cannot retake Monaco from the hostile Italian fleet. Furthermore, he stands to lose even more in the upcoming critical fall phase of 1997. His one political asset, Germany, has more urgent priorities than rushing to his aid, leaving France on the verge of collapse.

GERMANY's situation is enthralling. Mike is engaged in hostile posturing and positioning against Britain's navy, extended to the east, and harassed by a rampaging Italian guerrilla unit right in the middle of his heartland. His solution must be political; Germany may have many units, but they are loosely strewn about with limited ability to support each other.

ITALY, once on the verge of surrender, now might even gain a supply center. Kodi is once more riding the eye of the hurricane, as larger conflicts rage around her.

POLAND is playing a thrilling round of attritional musical chairs. Resigned to the loss of his homeland, Vargas has opted to play for extended survival, by pushing where he can, even as his turf is gobbled up behind him. It appears that he'll be reduced to a homeless mercenary next turn.

RUSSIA too is scrambling to survive. Charles is in better shape than Poland in the same way that 0.1 > zero. However, he is clearly a strong tactical player who should have a few more entertaining maneuvers before the final curtain.

SPAIN is on the precipice of exacting revenge on France for derailing his grand strategy. Kang's units are in position to push on any number of French targets. He's also elected to assist Egypt in his desperate defensive struggle.

As TURKEY shanked Egypt, Ukraine followed up behind to shank Turkey. Gorbash is well situated to continue pressing Egypt, but must now contend with a two front war. He is well stocked to do so, but that's never preferable, and his progress thus far appears to have burned through his political capital as well.

UKRAINE just went all in. In addition to stabbing Turkey, Yino decided that Poland was more useful as a conquest than as a speed bump. We'll be seeing a lot more magenta in the fall, as he looks to get the maximum four builds. This is a HUGE bump, but he'll need it to contend with the fallout of his actions. He and Germany are in similar positions: powerful, but beset by multiple foes on numerous fronts. Perhaps this will motivate them to ally with each other, as they both have much to lose.

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