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EA Ban Hammer

Dee Yun Dee Yun: (contact-deleteme[at]-deleteme-direman [dot] com) 2011-12-30 13:51:48

EA Ban Hammer

I understand their desire to maintain a "family friendly" community board, but I don't grasp how that would extend to specific forums for discussing M rated games. And EA's criteria seems awfully draconian. Is the commonly referenced term "e-peen" really that offensive? Trying to assist a fellow player by linking a networking guide (that EA forum officials themselves have previously linked) warrants a ban?

Now this wouldn't be such an egregious issue if the control freak overlords at EA weren't so intent on pulling all their registration/login/social assets into a singular entity. The problem is that even an innocent forums banning can result in your GAME accounts being frozen. (Tangent: I hate that Electronic Arts has repurposed the old brand Origin as their online-storefront-network thing. That's a fairly iconic company to OLD school PC gamers in their upper 30s+, which has nil marketing cache to the mainstream.) So you may find that your forum banished account no longer able to log onto Battlefield, or even unable to activate singleplayer games like Dragon Age.

Exacerbating this is EA's public assertion that this is a glitch and that the problem will be corrected. They've been saying this for near on a year without correction. Moreover they have no mechanism in place for appeal. They have no clearly posted policy regarding the suspension process. If you're banned, you're SOL. Contacting their customer service results in friendly, non-helpful reps informing you that they don't know how to assist you. Clearly, there exists a massive divide between the EA peeps who actually care about their customers, and the management monkeys who have the pull to do something about it.

It seems best to simply avoid the risk of using their forums.

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