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Real Money Auction House

Dee Yun Dee Yun: (contact-deleteme[at]-deleteme-direman [dot] com) 2012-06-19 15:10:21

Real Money Auction House

I apologize for the lateness of this post. Tuesdays are fairly impacted for me, plus I've been trying to get at the root of our recent server hiccups.

So yeah, good on Blizzard. I could moralize about the "purity of the game" and so forth, but I'd be a complete hypocrite considering I used to scrape up beer money in college by pawning Diablo II SoJs on eBay. And my jingoist patriotism is stroked by knowing that an American business is at least getting a cut of the proceeds that Asian gold farms are raking in.

Last month, we did a comic strip about Diablo III accounts getting hacked, and I followed it up with a rather merciless excoriation of the less-than-astute individuals who allow this to happen to them.

One of the responses I received was this email:

So, what about those of us who a) didn't get keylogged (I checked), b) didn't fall for a phishing scam (I've been doing this for a while) or c) had a stupid password (I had a pretty decent random password), but who got hacked anyway?

That's rough. It was my intent to poke fun at careless and naive computer users who abuse Blizzard customer service reps for their own inadequacies, and this gamer is clearly more sophisticated than the bulk of the unwashed masses. If you even know what a "keylogger" or "phishing" is, you're doing better than most. I do apologize for casting aspersions on you specifically, Lamar. Computer security has so many vulnerabilities, a breakdown like this could potentially happen to anyone, regardless of any safeguarding measures.

However, I still adhere to my current belief that these security lapses did not occur on Blizzard's end. If their secured servers had been hacked, they would have been forced to admit it by now, and mandate password changes and issue warnings to monitor credit card activity (see: Sony). I do try to keep plugged into the gaming news cycle and maintain connections with industry peeps (including Blizzard employees) and I'm not aware of any incidents in which accounts were hacked when the "authenticator" was employed.


After our #800th strip on Friday, The Adventures of Dave the Direman will be taking a week's hiatus. (I'll be off on a family vacation.) I believe Vargas will be taking the time to produce new Squishy Comics for those of you who have been missing them, and I'm soliciting guest strips for Dave the Direman.

So, um, yeah...if you're interested in submitting a guest comic (I know it's short notice, sorry), contact me by clicking my name above.

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