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Danger: Surprise Penis

Dee Yun Dee Yun: (contact-deleteme[at]-deleteme-direman [dot] com) 2012-07-05 04:36:42


What a world! I need to explain that Vargas intensely dislikes penises. Therefore, I have endeavored to coerce him into drawing them as often as possible. In an act of utter retaliatory brinksmanship, he seems to have steeled himself and powered through his aversion for phalli to deliver to us the most horrific rendition of my instructions within his artistic capability. He actually did it. We all lose today. Sorry.

On a related note, I also want to take this opportunity to address an email I received in reference to the Siri strip last month:

"As a transgendered woman who was actually really enjoying your comic, I'm done now. Seriously, why does everyone eventually think being funny = being hurtful? I get that we're easy targets, but come on."

Sorry, Danielle. It wasn't our intent to cause you any distress. Biggs was the intended target of our derision. It's part of a continuing theme of his failures with women and fear of "surprise penis". It didn't enter my mind at any time that we were persecuting transgendered people with this comic strip.

Finally, while Microsoft did not have a new console to unveil this past E3, they did subtly undermine the Nintendo Wii U. They showcased Xbox SmartGlass which pretty much embraces the DS/Wii U feature set in addition to some interesting media functionality. Since SmartGlass works with apparently any smart phone or tablet, this actually has a chance of working, since developers don't have to concern themselves with additional hardware penetration. (That last phrase sounds perverse in conjunction with today's "surprise penis" assault.) I think it's a phenomenally astute move on Microsoft's part to offer SmartGlass on Apple products. Xbox + iPad > Wii U.

If SmartGlass works as advertised and actually delivers (unlike Kinect), I may even pick up their upcoming Surface tablet for the matched set.

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