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Blizzard Hacked

Dee Yun Dee Yun: (contact-deleteme[at]-deleteme-direman [dot] com) 2012-08-13 05:17:38

Blizzard Hacked

A while back, I excoriated people who had had their Diablo III accounts hacked and looted. I couldn't find a single such incident that could be attributed to a lapse of Blizzard security. Specifically, it seemed that the Authenticator device/system hadn't allowed any accounts to be breached.

A couple of days ago, Blizzard released this security warning. I like how they sugarcoat the hacking with doubletalk, but it doesn't seem too serious. They DO need to disclose what "information relating to Mobile and Dial-In Authenticators were also accessed" actually means. With real money auction houses involved, they need to maintain fascist control of this system.

I suggest everyone change their Blizzard logins and passwords, and you should be keeping at least a cursory eye on your credit card activity in any case.

David Vargas David Vargas: (dave-deleteme[at]-deleteme-squishycomics [dot] com) 2012-08-13 12:45:00

I Won!

My entry to the "My Best Friends" art contest took first place! The hosts of the contest at
Ponies-For-Everypony, an MLP fan group on DeviantArt, gave me the news on Sunday. Thank you guys for your support.

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