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Die Hardest

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Die Hardest

Die Hard 5 opens next month, 25 years after the first. Bruce Willis' career is...astonishing. His body of work ranges from mindless action, postmodern pastiche, GENUINE science fiction, supernatural thriller, to heartfelt romance. These are special films, and due in no small part to his presence.

PULL LIST (These are comics I bought yesterday; contact me if there's anything else you strongly feel I should be reading.)

Batman 16 - Scott Snyder excels as a horror writer, and he writes a downright chilling Joker. The current "Death of the Family" storyline started in issue 13, and I strongly urge any Batman fan to give it a read.

New Avengers 2 - Jonathan Hickman is a brilliant sci-fi writer, brimming with big concepts. Both Avengers and New Avengers are, for the lack of a better word, as smart as super hero comics get. They're certainly a stark and fascinating contrast to follow up the success of the Avengers film.

Conan 12 - Brian Wood might be my favorite writer at the moment, comics or otherwise. Conan, by all rights, should have been merely pulp entertainment (which it is), but Wood further injects genuine heart and mortality into the iconic character.

All New X-Men 6 - The title and the premise are stupid. The original five teenage X-Men are time traveled to the present to talk some sense into the now mutant terrorist Cyclops. Thing is, as ridiculous as the setup is, Bendis does terrific character work, and the nostalgia of Jean Grey alone keeps me buying this book.

Saga 9 - Saga is a mandatory read. This is yet another Brian K. Vaughan book that, years from now, comics people are going to be recommending to you. You might as well jump on it while it's fresh, then push it on your not-cool-enough-to-have-read-it-already friends years from now.

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