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Fighting Is Magic

David Vargas David Vargas: (dave-deleteme[at]-deleteme-squishycomics [dot] com) 2013-02-12 07:14:23

Bronies, We Need To Chill

As a big fan of "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic", and a casual fan of fighting games, I was really looking forward to "Fighting is Magic", a fan-made fighting game that, by most accounts, looked to become a well-polished, legitimate fighting game. Unfortunately, Mane6, the development team for Fighting is Magic, received a Cease and Desist letter from Hasbro, ending any real chance that this game will ever see the light of day.

The news has, understandably, made many of us fans upset. What has me concerned is that some of us have gone from being upset to raging out. I've read comments on the Mane6 forum, Equestria Daily (THE MLP fan site), and various other places where our community is piling on the Hasbro hate, even going as far as to threaten them.

First, we need to remember that Hasbro has every right to protect their IP. Sure, Mane6 wasn't looking to make any money off of their project, and I'm certain that Hasbro was AWARE of the existence of "Fighting is Magic", and I imagine that Hasbro was playing dumb, but the recent high exposure that "Fighting is Magic" received put Hasbro in a position where they could no longer ignore Mane6.

We also need to remember that Hasbro has, in many respects, been rather good to the MLP community. Anyone can easily find an episode of My Little Pony on YouTube when Hasbro, if they really wanted to, could easily shut that down in no time. Every MLP con is full of fans who sell their wares, and Hasbro doesn't say anything about it. The show frequently gives little nods to the fans. Hasbro keeps being cool with our community despite the fact that we're always raging about something at any given time (we still seem fixated on Twilight getting wings, but that's another issue).

Finally, raging out and threatening Hasbro does nothing. The best thing is to let the guys at Mane6 try to communicate with Hasbro, as they say they are attempting to do, to see if something can be arranged. The odds are very slim, yes, but that's the most reasonable course of action that they can take if they want to have a chance to complete their game. We fans can only do harm if we continue to rage out.

Believe me, I'm upset that "Fighting is Magic" is, with very little doubt, dead, but I also know that raging out accomplishes nothing.

P.S. Guys, Lauren Faust offering up original characters for Mane6 to use, how cool is that?

Dee Yun Dee Yun: (contact-deleteme[at]-deleteme-direman [dot] com) 2013-02-12 15:20:21


For the love of sanity, please let it Rest in Peace. I get it. It's a shame the world works this way. And if Hasbro did care about you guys, they could find a way to make it happen. But they don't, because most corporations have the empathy of toilet seats.

But I'm staggered that Mane6 did not SECURE the rights to develop this game, before engaging such a massive undertaking. What did you all think was going to happen? The Cease and Desist was INEVITABLE.

I understand why Bronies are disappointed. But have some motherfucking perspective. Some of you guys weren't this distraught on 9/11. "NEVER FORGET" is not a proportional rallying cry for the cancellation of cartoon baby equines beating on each other like some dogfighting ring from a twisted parallel reality.

Next, have some more motherfucking perspective. You don't own MLP, nor does Hasbro need you. You're a strident, vociferous community, but you do not significantly affect the bottom line. You're blowing out of proportion your contribution to the market share; it's just that 8-year-old girls generally do not initiate online petitions. If you disappeared back into the woodwork, Hasbro would be just fine; frankly, the Brony community is something of an embarrassment to them. In terms of their target demographics vis a vis spending power, you guys are just a blip to them, but you're a PR nightmare.

Finally, I'm just going to give up on my efforts to be a better person, and openly mock the emolings amongst you by presenting my favorite posts:

"The death of a titan shall be met with the tears of a waterfall."
"And the ocean of Sadness will forever cry the last beat of the titan."


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