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Forms of Persuasion

MadCat =^-^= MadCat =^-^=: (madcat-deleteme[at]-deleteme-direman [dot] com) 2008-05-01 01:46:22

Forms of Persuasion

Everyone has their different methods for bringing people around to their point of view. Some are more effective than others.

Eliana has practically perfected her technique.

I'm still experimenting with a simpler black-and-white style, sort of like No Pink Ponies or other webcomics I've read. It puts a bit more emphasis on the figures and line detail, which is what I need to work on most, I think. I'd like to improve those things to the point where they can stand alone, without lots of shading or color (though I hope to introduce those back in once my skill improves).

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