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Eye of the Beholder

MadCat =^-^= MadCat =^-^=: (madcat-deleteme[at]-deleteme-direman [dot] com) 2008-05-15 18:45:35

Eye of the Beholder

Ahh, female dwarves. Either you think they're one of the most hideous creatures to walk the earth, or you're interested in learning more about how they can bend steel with their thighs. December is apparently in the former camp, and Eliana in the latter. ;D

The third camp, of course, is a bit more "old-school" and gets upset when female dwarves are portrayed without beards.

Also, the "Shoop" song is by Salt-n-Pepa, and sounds quite interesting when sung with a dwarvish accent. Is it a silly song? Oh yeah.

The term "hella"? No clue who came up with this one, but it's apparently a California thing that has invaded popular culture like a creeping pestilence.

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