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Dun dun DUN!!!

MadCat =^-^= MadCat =^-^=: (madcat-deleteme[at]-deleteme-direman [dot] com) 2008-06-05 05:41:38

Dun dun DUN!!!

It seemed an auspicious time to finally introduce the 'romantic comedy' element to Everwas. So now the ball is rolling, and Xerise has been caught with her hand in the cookie jar of love. Eurydice spends a lot of time stealing the spotlight, it seems. I suppose she's just good at giving people the kick in the pants they need.

Also, Final Fantasy XII has sucked me back in; in an auspicious coincidence, I started playing it again right when I needed more FF flavor for WoFFW and realized I didn't have enough experience with it to remember what it was like. I think playing it a bit has given me some more joke fodder, or at least is a good starting place for future MMO jokes.

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