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The Way We Communicate

MadCat =^-^= MadCat =^-^=: (madcat-deleteme[at]-deleteme-direman [dot] com) 2011-04-12 00:44:34

The Way We Communicate

Xander and Eurydice's heart to heart finally concludes. I had to trim a lot out to keep this scene from being hugely long, mostly Xander's backstory in regards to the girl he loved, which Eurydice already knows. The one important thing I didn't manage to work in (but I hope was somehow very subtly implied?) is that the girl he loved has already died at this point in the story. OMGSpoilarz!

If you ever have questions about the strip or something you want to know, or that you feel I haven't made clear or revealed yet, feel free to post about it on the forums! Take care and be safe everyone!

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