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Take a bit of Fantasy Adventure, add a generous helping of Romantic Comedy, and a dash of Drama for seasoning, and you get a Fantadventuromanticomedramedy... or you get Everwas!

Set on a fantastical world populated with strange creatures - yet bearing more than a bit of resemblance to our own - Everwas was designed as a reflection of gamer life with a magical twist. It's also a love story, born from the mind of someone who's probably experienced far too many shojo manga and romantic comedies, but who was disappointed at the small amount of media out there featuring happy endings for GLBT characters.

So, after years of drawing busty wenches and dreaming of becoming a professional comics artist, yet battling the twin demons of cowardice and laziness, MadCat learned about Direman Press, agreed that "learning by doing" was probably the best way to learn to create comics, and finally took the plunge. Hopefully you will enjoy the results! (Or at least learn to tolerate the insanity as the series progresses.)

Roll Call


A level 1 Slacker who dreams of multiclassing to Artist or Mage, but is plagued by low self-confidence (and laziness) in the former case, and a nearly complete lack of magical talent in the latter. A total RPG fanatic, what Xerise lacks in gaming skill or knowledge, she makes up for in enthusiasm. In fact, the same could be said for most things she does.


Versatile and adaptable, Eliana's personality can change from playful and flirty to compassionate or stern, as needed. Similarly, her varied taste in games includes everything from MMOs to FPSes; however, her interest in tabletop RPGs has waned, despite Xerise's constant efforts (by begging, pleading or whining) to bring her back to the table.


Fiery and easily angered, Eurydice loves any activity that involves hurting people, whether it's in the physical world or a game. Her only soft spot is her sister Rissa - especially her cooking. Forget sending her flowers; she'd rather have a flaming greatsword any day.


Rissa, on the other hand, would happily receive flowers - still in their pot, of course, and with a goodly supply of fertilizer. Gardening and baking are her favorite pastimes, when she's not gaming with the other girls. Gentle and motherly, she tends to play healers or support classes, and prefers cooperation over competition.


The youngest in a venerable family of witches, December is the owner of "The Geekery", the game shop where the girls go for most of their entertainment needs. December also acts as the DM for the group's tabletop sessions, due to a near-encyclopedic knowledge of the rules of various systems.

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