Eypril Fulz, 2008

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Eypril Fulz, 2008

Postby Dave on Tue Apr 01, 2008 5:43 pm

Went over the stories posted in today's Spelunking.

1) The "Me-centric" culture is pretty fucked up. I mean, trying to inflict seizures on people? Man, why not run out and kick a cripple? That's essentially what they're doing.

2) Glad to hear that the "SWATers" were caught. And yeah, as far as the law's concerned, there's a very strong argument for having these people be considered as pulling the guns on the victim themselves. As was stated, loaded firearms were involved, goading to create a situation where the older victim could very well have been shot, all of which would not have occurred otherwise, yeah, they're just as responsible as if they had the firearms loaded and aimed at the victim themselves. Similar cases involving deaths and injuries during other crimes are already using this. If, say, Tre, Pars, and I decided to rob someone, even if it is caught on film that I never pull a gun, but my more excitable compatriots do pull a gun, and use it, guess what, I'm just as liable as they are.

3) Memorable prank: A couple years back, I was working in Medical Collections (please see the first Squishy Comic!) along with James. I forced an error on my computer, then took a screen cap of it, and then set that as my background. I then called over James and the resident tech and stated my comp had locked up. They spent a good five minutes with no luck trying to figure out what was wrong until I couldn't let them waste any more time trying to help me.

To be fair, that was in retaliation for a previous prank call from the Tech guy. Poor James was just an innocent bystander (who actually highly approved of the prank afterward ;) )
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Re: Eypril Fulz, 2008

Postby Parsifal on Tue Apr 01, 2008 8:51 pm

That was exactly the prank I was hoping to draw out. Minus the more revenge/anti-teacher ones (also revenge for pranks, so please do not blow a gasket Esther:)) it's mostly been "fun with chemicals" and lots and lots of drunk shaming. Since I don't drink I'm generally around to witness/participate in quite a bit.

Mostly its writing on people's faces. Silver Nitrate was always great for this. If you take a bit and write one someone the topmost skin will blacken and die. Essentially, you've just tattooed them for about a week or so. Minus actually scooping flesh out they're going to have to just cover it up and endure. This, of course, is why people usually write on foreheads and across the bridges of peoples noses. Dipping hands is fun too, just need to make sure you don't soak them in it as using too much of anything can be bad.
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