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Join the Guild (of Calamitous Intent)!

PostPosted: Fri Jun 06, 2008 12:46 am
by Parsifal
The Venture Brothers are coming back to television. That is awesome. What could be even more awesome is wearing a officially licensed shirt to proclaim your status as a fan/brand-slave!

Astrobasego!, the people behind the "Venture Bros." are commemorating their triumphant 13 episode return by announcing the "Shirt of the Week Club". For each week of their 2008 run, you will be able to visit their site and order a new Limited Edition, Venture Bros. themed t-shirt. All sizes up to XL will run you $22, with an extra dollar buying your fat-ass enough material to kick it up to 2XL. This weeks Shirt?:

Once the week is up, a new shirt will go on sale. The site claims that the previous one will /never/ go on sale again. Also, for those with extra cash lying around, you can subscribe in advance and get the whole 13 shirt run (plus Bonus!) for $250 (those "living-larger" pay an extra $15).

If you're going to hop on this you may want to hurry, the orders for the first shirt (shown above) end June 7th, just before midnight.