Countries, buses, planes, jetlag, and thankful returns

What should I be digressing about?

Countries, buses, planes, jetlag, and thankful returns

Postby Karazorel on Tue Apr 15, 2008 6:23 pm

Guess who's back, back again
Kara's back, tell a friend
Guess who's back, guess who's back,
guess who's back, guess who's back,
guess who's back, guess who's back,
guess who's back...

I just spent two wonderful weeks in Israel. I can't really call it a vacation. It was most definitely a trip but no where near vacationy. In fact I worked harder on this trip than I do at work. Let me explain the occurences over the past few days.

6:00am - Kara Wakes up
7:00am - Kara is showered, dressed, and drinking coffee and gets on a tour bus.
2:00pm - Tour takes a break and lunch is eaten somewhere depending where we are.
7:00pm - Tour bus arrives approx at 7 or 7:30 back at the hotel.
8:00pm - Kara has eaten dinner, changed, clothes, and is going out.
10:00pm - Kara has reached a bar or club to boogie in.
3:00am - Kara has returned to the hotel a very very tired person and falls asleep.
6:00am - Kara Wakes up.

Now repeat this for 8 days. Vacation? Nooooooo. Vacations are the next 4 days of my trip.

Noon - Kara Wakes up
Eventually - Kara makes it to the beach.
Evening - Kara eats somewhere something.
Night - Kara boogies again at some club or bar
Morning - Kara sleeps.

See the difference? Anyway lets move on from this subject. In 2 weeks I saw almost the entire Country of Israel. From top to bottom left to right the only place we avoided was the Gaza Strip. I'll give you 1 guess why. Anyway. Lets begin:

Israel - In general everyone thinks this place is a desert. Hell NO. It's green. It's covered in farms and forests. Yes, long ago when the Jews moved into Israel it was just as much a desert as all the surrounding countries but with hard work they've turned this country into a paradise. I can honestly now see why there's always war there. I visited Jordon and Egypt as well and they're just barren. Israel is the one spot of green in the middle of nothingness. No wonder why all those Arabic nations want to take the land. First thing you notice in all of the cities and everywhere you go is the army is present everywhere. And the army is 18-21 year old kids. I saw girls smaller than me by 1/2 walking around with giant assault rifles. It's quite a sight gotta tell you. But they love their country and fight for it tooth and nail. The thing the news doesn't ever express though. All the bullets these soldiers carry are rubber. They shoot the palastinian or arabic people attacking them, take them to jewish hospitals, treat them, and release them on the street with in a week or two. All you ever hear is Israeli forces shot more palastinian children or some bullshit. Honestly after seeing it first hand. What can these Israeli kids in army uniforms do when a crowd of hundreds of arabic angry men are throwing rocks at them with such force that it breaks bones? Anyway.

Tel Aviv - Capital City. This is where my hotel and point of origin was for most of the trip. Consider Israel the size of California. Tel Aviv is approx where San Francisco is. This city is such a mix between old thousand year old buildings and brand new down time sky scrapers. There's a saying in Israel. Haifa is where people work, Jerusalem is where people pray, and Tel Aviv is where people party. Thats no joke. I walked into a mall at midnight and it was packed full of people. The night clubs usually open at 10pm and don't start getting major till after 11pm with live music and the such. Then the clubs stay open till 5am sometimes later. I found myself asking. Do people ever sleep? The locals are usual extremely nice and friendly. They love to party and love to spend money like it grew on trees. Honestly to them a night of partying is everything.

Jerusalem - Absolutely breathe taking. Standing on thousand upon thousands of year old walls, floors, buildings just makes you think. I stood at the Wailing wall (The western wall of Jerusalem that protected the most holy of temples). I stood inside the room where Christ had his last supper. BTW DaVinci was never there because his painting doesn't look anything like the room. I stood at King Davids Tomb. I walked the streets of old Jerusalem in such amazement that my mouth was open the entire time. I honestly can't give it another word other than amazing.

Haifa - Another beautiful and large city. This is the city with the port out to the Mediteranian and wonderfuly beautiful gardens and mosaic buildings. We didn't spend much time here but it is definitely a place to visit if you're ever in Israel.

Yaffo - The oldest city known to man. What else can I say other than that. It's one of the most expensive places to live in Israel at the moment. Houses go for 10 million American dollars and up. This is such a beautiful small town located on the coast by Tel Aviv.

Dead Sea - I visited 3 seas during this trip. The Dead Sea, the Red Sea, and the Medditeranian. The Dead sea is the saltiest water in the world that supports no life. The mud and water is known to have so many nutrients in it that it heals. Many people just lay around on the beach covered in this pure black mud from head to toe only their eyes uncovered. Once you get into this water your feat get pulled up from underneath you and you find yourself floating on your back. At this point you WILL need help standing up because the high salt content keeps you afloat. It's quite hard standing up. Fun but don't you dare get any water in your eyes or you're just shit out of luck. I didn't experience it but it's said to be horrible horrible pain.

The Kingdom of Jordon - I visited another Country while there. Cost a bit more and had a bitch of a line at Border patrol but we went to visit the Petra in Jordon. For those who don't know what the Petra is. Go watch Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. In the valley of the cresent moon where the temple is built into the stone where the holy grail rests... that temple is the Petra. Of course the inside is different because the rest was fabricated in movie studios. The temple from the outside is amazing. Only a 2 mile walk through a gorgeous canyon till you reach it. WELL worth it.

I'm going to cut it short here. I took so many photos, as soon as they're uploaded I'll start adding them here. And continue on with my stories and explain more in detail where I was. =)

Anyway.. I'm back. And Jet lagged to hell. 5 hour plane ride from California to New York, 11 hour plane ride from New York to Israel, 12 hours flight back from Israel to New York, 12 hours layover in New York, and a 6 hours flight back to California. Delta sucks ass. Never fly it. NEEEEEVVVEEERRR!! And something I've learned. From now one. Business or First class flying or not at all. The extra money is worth leaving the soreness and pain behind.

Well my hands are starting to hurt from all this typing. So keep an eye open for updates.
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Re: Countries, buses, planes, jetlag, and thankful returns

Postby Mike on Tue Apr 15, 2008 10:17 pm

Semper Iratus, Motherfucker.
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Re: Countries, buses, planes, jetlag, and thankful returns

Postby Parsifal on Wed Apr 16, 2008 3:53 am

*looks up from newspaper*
Someone was gone?...
*shrugs, goes back to reading*
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Re: Countries, buses, planes, jetlag, and thankful returns

Postby Yino on Wed Apr 16, 2008 4:42 am

and that was a loooooooong but not boring post :)
Congrats, I'm waiting for those pictures ;)
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Re: Countries, buses, planes, jetlag, and thankful returns

Postby David Yun on Wed Apr 16, 2008 6:15 am

Glad you're home safe.

Just have to mention that Israel was a paradise before the Hebrews got (back) there (the first time, out of Egypt I mean). Land of "flowing milk and honey" remember? Before irrigation, the greenery was highly dependent on rainfall, but droughts were rare due to the wind patterns and topography of the mountains.
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