Blizzcon 2008 Impressions

What should I be playing?

Blizzcon 2008 Impressions

Postby Mike on Tue Oct 14, 2008 7:39 pm

I'll write up something more in depth later on.

Diablo 3- Feels like D2 with better mechanics. They fixed the hotbars (not just pots anymore) and made it so that you don't have to down potions like water as you move on. The game is fun. Straight up fun.

Starcraft 2 - I keep hearing "Oh it's Starcraft 1 with better graphics."

A) If that WERE true, I'm okay with that, since SC rocks.
B) It's got a lot more put into it than SC1. New units, different damage mechanics, Terrain MATTERS, and so on. It feels like SC1 with more strategy/counter-strategy and a lot more crazy things you can pull off. I dig it... a lot.
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