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Postby iroNy on Mon Aug 11, 2008 10:47 am

The Middleman via ABC
Wendy Watson (Natalie Morales) thought mindless temp jobs were tough. Then she bravely faced a creature way beyond the bounds of her reality, and in so doing, impressed the straight-laced hero known as the Middleman (Matt Keeslar). Hello, new career! Now she's balancing her art, her friends, and saving the planet while battling alien evils for the world's most ludicrously secret organization.

The word here is potential. On the urging of Arturo to look into this show I sat through the first 7 episodes and here are my thoughts. Remember, potential.

"I'm sold, 2 minutes in and there's a hentai tentacle monster reference. The Middleman is win."

That's what I IM'd Arturo with after the first few minutes of the first episode. Sadly it only goes downhill from there. What started out really great with high POTENTIAL slowly digressed with each pretentious pop culture references forced fed to the viewer as actual dialogue. While a great idea, it gets old quick and annoying after a few episodes.

The second episode is the best of the 7 I've seen. So you know where I'm going with this. The show tries too hard to be funny and even harder to be hip. By the time I got to episode 7 I was audibly groaning and visibly wincing. My brother stepped into the middle of one of the episodes as I was watching and promptly leaving after 5 minutes asking how I could stomach such crap and leaving me to wonder the same.

What could've been a great witty show in the vein of Chuck and Reaper left me wondering how the show made it to this many episodes. On the other hand, there's a few characters that I absolutely love and they're the reasons why I kept watching. Sadly they can't hold the show up and one of them is only in the second episode. First is the Middleman himself, clean cut and well cast, his straight edge personality does create some funny moments. Then there's Ida, the Middleman's cranky robotic assistant "who's appearance processor got stuck on domineering schoolmarm version 2.0." Third is Sensei Ping played by Mark Dacascos and only seen in episode 2.

If I had to rate the show, it'd be a C or barely a B depending on your love for pop culture being used as witty dialogue. Yeah.. I'm done with this show. Ugh.
Sorry Arturo, this show had potential.
Oh yeah. The main character of the show is Wendy Watson. She's Spanish. Is played by a Spanish actress. Speaks it fluently. Talks to her mother in Spanish once (I think). Why the hell is her name Wendy Watson? Did the execs want to tap into the Latino community but didn't want the main character's name Spanish? May be they'll explain it in a later episode, but I won't be watching. Bleh. Chuck can't come back soon enough. As well as Dexter and Reaper.
Meet Masuka version Season 1.
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Re: The Middleman

Postby Parsifal on Mon Aug 11, 2008 2:55 pm

Ah, The Middleman. I was actually collecting a few clips and whatnot for a Spelunking on this topic. The problem for me is that it's on ABC Family. The specific problem? I don't have that channel. I've got a Sky system satellite receiver and while it gets multiple anime channels and things like Cinemax packed to the gills with Hong Kong stuff, I's gots me none of teh ABC Family..

I've been looking for something online besides teasers and promos online. I did manage to find a handful of episodes on a Youtube clone from China, but their system can be as stable as an ex-girlfriend at times. Still, I like what I've seen. For anyone hurting for their "Pulp Science Hero" or Ben Edlund-type fix, this is it.

There's tons of behind the scenes stuff at the link Ny placed in his post, and everyone working on the show seems to put a lot into making the show. It's had a bit of a tough time getting the proper viewership numbers due to it's choice of venue, but things are slooowly looking up. I'd suggest visiting The MiddleBlog to get a feel for all things Middleman and browse available clips.

And while your at it, watch the video here. Awesomeness commences at 2 minutes left.
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