Heroes, 11/17

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Heroes, 11/17

Postby David Yun on Wed Nov 19, 2008 11:05 am

Hey, this episode didn't suck. Pacing was decent, and the less screen time Peter and Suresh have the better. The not-terrible actors had a chance to do their thing.

I think I figured out a major reason why the show bugs me, Mike. It's the way personal interplay is handled. Even in this episode, the relationships between say, Daphne and Parkman, or Elle and Sylar, are almost Padme and Anakin clumsy in their sudden resolve.

And fuck, I've been waiting to see Hiro develop into that badass future Bushido warrior from season one, but he's been relegated to comic relief. It's bad enough that he's portrayed so childishly, but now they actually turn his mind into that of a ten-year-old? Bleh. I hope someone in the writers' room is arguing vehemently against this.

I don't get why people bashed season two so hard. The quality of the first and third is distinctly lower.
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Re: Heroes, 11/17

Postby Chang on Sun Dec 14, 2008 9:29 pm

Bryan Fuller, from season is returning to the Heroes writing staff after his show Pushing Daisies (which I really enjoyed) is being cancelled :cry: I'm hoping that the show will now have someone to steer the ship. Currently, my problem with the show is that it has too much going on, trying to hit each subplot in a single episode. They need to focus, but right now, they write like they have ADHD.
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