What to do.... what to do...

What should I be voting for?

Re: What to do.... what to do...

Postby David Yun on Tue Jun 23, 2009 8:25 pm

Me? Everyone either stopped disagreeing or capitulated lol

Purely from memory, the only minor point of contention I had remaining was a negligible one. Yes, combatants have been engaging in guerrilla warfare without adherence to the rules of engagement throughout the breadth of human history.

However, you neglected to mention that in all of these cases, should they be caught, it was within acceptable mandates to summarily execute them. Even today, clandestine special forces of all stripes have a certain degree of deniability, and aren't afforded the same protections as a rank and file soldier. Applying THOSE ethical standards, the United States would be well within its rights to employ any means at its disposal against "illegal combatants", including torture and execution.

Waging a "war on terror" presents unique challenges that our methodology and moral imperative need to evolve to match. Adhering to outdated Cold War mentality in a multipolar era isn't only asinine, it's downright dangerous to national and world security.

And @ Yino, also from memory - omg, yes, history is invaluable. We do not dismiss it here. History is the litmus test by which we gauge success and failure, and the recorded chains of cause and effect provides indispensable advice for the future. I just meant that historical examples need to be applied to analogously to contemporary issues.
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Re: What to do.... what to do...

Postby Mike on Tue Jun 30, 2009 6:38 pm

I would have an opinion... but the wall(s) of text critted me for like a zillion.

Not that they shouldn't be walls of text... since it's srs bzns...

but I'm too ADD to read it all.

The hardcore right and hardcore left should end eachother somehow... so the logical moderate/leaners can rule the world.
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