Japan vs. Korea

Who should I be rooting for?

Japan vs. Korea

Postby Celo on Mon Mar 23, 2009 4:49 pm

I do not know about you guys, but I believe that tonights World Baseball Classic at Dodger Stadium goes beyond a game.

Tonights game has more significance's than just being a world champion. Taking a look back on the history and culture between the two nations. I expect an all out performance from both teams and fans who want to display their nationalism and ethnic pride.

Sure the game is not a war between Japan & Korea, but it just may be the closest thing that will be close to one. Many people who were in line after Team Japan defeated Team USA mentioned this as well.

Also L.A. which holds the two biggest populations of Japanese and Koreans, it is bound to be something else.

Watch it tonight on ESPN 6:30 local time. If you see a Big Tall Mexican Guy ( Manuel) in a Kimono and a Guy by him in a Team Japan Jersery that has TONOUCHI & 81 on the back of it that is me. ( I would have that as my Avatar, yet I can get it within the demenisons)

Editor's Note: I had something more thought out, but due to time constrictions this is all that I could type. A follow up to come once the game is over.
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