Sexual Harassment not really about Sex

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Re: Sexual Harassment not really about Sex

Postby trebuchet on Thu Nov 17, 2011 8:44 pm

I totally disagree with these so-called experts. The only reason why I asked for your definition of "physical abuse" is that there's a real difference between beating your child (poor choice of words on my part) and spanking them for discipline. Yes, beating your child is just as bad as beating your wife. You should be arrested and put in jail for that. When spankings are applied like any other lesson that you want to teach your child, it can be constructive. You never spank a child out of spite, anger, maliciousness, frustration, etc. A good spanking takes a tremendous amount of courage on the part of the parent because, after all, what loving parent wants to willingly inflict pain on their child? I'll wager that if more of those investment bankers were disciplined as children our financial systems wouldn't be in such a crisis right now.

Anyway, I hope whatever it is you're dealing with right now passes quickly.
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