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Postby David Yun on Sun Mar 11, 2018 11:32 pm

/1 Mario Kart podium. Choose whichever traditional character to have on the winner's step. Waluigi would be my pick, but whichever you'd like to draw. In 2nd, Ink Girl and Villager in third.

CAPTION - I thought these were supposed to be iconic Nintendo characters. Who's Ink Girl?

CAPTION - She's from the Splatoon games. They're kinda cool.

/2 Mario with a shotgun, headed toward (Animal Crossing) Villagers. The Duck Hunt dog is chasing after them. The villagers are scampering away in horror and terror.

CAPTION - What the heck is the Villager from then?

CAPTION - Oh, Nintendo doesn't really talk about Villager Hunt anymore.
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