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Postby David Yun on Sun Jul 01, 2018 11:54 pm

/1 A lady arguing with game store employee PonFarr.

CAPTION - An actual conversation the writer overheard at Best Buy.

PONFARR - Yes, ma'am. I can do an exchange for this product if it's defective.

LADY - But what about my data? I need the saved games off that disc.

PONFARR - Your game saves aren't stored on the physical disc.

LADY - You mean they're gone? YOU ERASED THEM?

/2 Background is PonFarr trying really hard to be patient with the irate lady. Tina having what looks like an aneurysm. Wedge.

WEDGE - You okay?

TINA - I'm trying as hard as I can not to butt into something that's none of my business.
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