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Postby Kodi on Mon Aug 18, 2008 8:29 pm

Ok, I know theres a new one out, I don't know anything about it though. This is just a quick "My first impressions" of the game Persona 3.

Apart from the single most disturbing way of casting magic I've -ever- seen, this is a pretty fun game.

I have a great animosity towards most jrpgs for being unoriginal cliche laden talk fests who rely on pretty shinys and uninventive fetch quests to drag you from epic cut scene to epic cut scene. The combat is usually stale, the plot is generally uninvolving, and... well, I could go on for a while.

Persona 3 is not completely liberated from all of those cliches: the main character is a mute, and uses a sword, and the cast list contains the quirky comic relief guy and the withdrawn tough guy, as well as no nonsense girl and the worried healer. However, I did say that I liked this game, so lets get to the fun parts.

First of all, its a dating sim. Kinda. You have 1 year to save the town from horrific evil whilst struggling to survive socially at your highschool and make passable grades. Also, this game is a dungeon hack. You've got a tower with X number of floors you need to get to the top of, and the tower rearranges itself every time you go there. It seems like a pretty poor match, since every day you can either choose to study/pick up chicks/work out or dungeon dive. Logic would lend itself to thinking that you'd either focus on school and cripple you're ability to kill evil, or kill evil and not have the first clue about the differences between the paleolithic and the neolithic ages.

But! Remember that this game is persona, and your powers are directly affected by a manifestation of your social psyche. What that translates into, is the more popular you get in school, the tougher you get in the dungeon, simple as that. So, you could ignore school completely, but you'd be hurting yourself in the long run. And if you try to ignore the dungeon, you'll be trounced come full moon when the plot important whatever creeps out to try and kill you. So you have to maintain a pretty tenuous balance, but I don't find it nearly as stressful as it sounds.

It's really pretty easy since as soon as you start finding the tedium of a dungeon hack lacking, you can switch to dating sim, and as soon as that gets old, go back to dungeon hacking. And just when they both start to wane, you have a full moon and some nice cut scenes and storyline progression. It all just seems to work out at a nice pace so you never run out of things to do. Which is how I managed to lose track of time playing this game and realized that the sun was coming up and I would be burned to ashes if I didn't get to my cave.

So, this went on much longer than I planned, but all in all, this is a good game. Except for how they summon their personas. Please, God, don't let a congressmen find out about that.
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Re: Persona 3

Postby David Yun on Mon Aug 18, 2008 11:10 pm

Suicide squad, attack!

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