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The Walking Dead Racing and Franchise Milking

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The Walking Dead Racing and Franchise Milking

I'm really excited about the new The Walking Dead Racing video game. After three years of complex development, the game is finally confirmed for the next-gen consoles, and I personally cannot wait to get my hands on it. Some people have accused The Walking Dead of franchise milking, but I could not disagree more. To me, it seems like a natural evolution: karts and zombies go together like mac and cheese. I can think of no more suitable marriage of concepts than kid-friendly go-karts and the rotting corpses of the dead. Who, honestly, didn't see this game coming? It's almost too predictable, although, thankfully, the gameplay looks to be shaping up really nicely. Here are a few interesting facts about the game taken from a reliable source:

- It will boast 32 courses from The Walking Dead world, including fan-favourites Woodbury and The Prison, as well as less obvious choices including racing on an enlarged version of Kenny's moustache and through the sewer where Chuck was killed.

- The game will have mind-blowing graphics based around those seen within the recent Telltale Games title. Voice actors will be returning.

- The soundtrack will be composed by a brown bear called McCreary, who composes the music for the AMC TV show.

- Pre-order bonuses include a The Walking Dead Racing keychain of a walker driving a go-kart and an art book.

- The Collector's Edition also comes with oil, a wrench, a The Walking Dead Racing shirt and baseball cap and free access to the upcoming DLC Larry's Lotus. Will retail at $129.99.

- Items that can be used in battle by collecting swirling walker heads include: zombie guts that can cause other players to slip; guns, which can be fired three times and slow opponents down if hit successfully; Rick's hat, which makes your player avatar look cooler and more!

- Playable characters include: Lee Everett, Kenny, Clementine, Larry, Christa, Omid, a duck and more!

- Playable characters have special moves: Lee can throw his severed arm at another player to slow them down; Kenny can throw a salt lick with painstaking accuracy. Clementine can tell players off for swearing and Larry can drive by other players and taunt them by howling, "You're a murderer!". Christa can give birth on the track, and Omid can give history lectures that slow other players down. The duck can quack. There are plenty of other unlockable characters, with multiple skins to swap between.

- There will be downloadable map packs available every month after release for the next twelve months. These maps will include slightly altered tracks and will retail at $12.99 each.

- There will be a special Rambling Corpse edition of the game, which includes everything the Collector's Edition does, but also comes with a free severed head, downloadable wallpapers, a Clementine bobblehead doll, a 'Don't Eat Dinner' bracelet, a sneak-peek into the sequel (to be released in a year) and more. This is the definitive version of the game and will retail for $219.99.

I love it when a franchise branches out like this. I always wanted to see The Walking Dead crossed with Mario Kart, and with great features like those listed above confirmed, I can barely contain my excitement. Bring on the September 31st release!

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