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Predictions for the next <i>Super Smash Bros.</i>

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Predictions for the next Super Smash Bros.

I hope the new Super Smash Bros. (Wii U) game does away with the superfluous characters of the previous instalment. Brawl pissed off a lot of gamers: while hardcore fans disliked the altered gameplay mechanics from Melee that made the game easier on weaker players, even casual fans could agree that characters such as Lucas and Wolf were basically just clones of Ness and Fox/Falco. Personally, I found Brawl to be most disappointing because of its limited character roster, adding only a handful of genuinely new characters, very few of whom I had any desire to play as. With another Smash Bros. on the horizon, here are a few predictions for characters I imagine we (hopefully) could end up seeing:

Professor Layton - Level-5's Professor Layton series is incredibly popular. Layton games come out more often than almost any other Nintendo exclusive and they sell incredibly well, tapping into a market that satisfies both hardcore and casual gamers. It seems ridiculous not to capitalise on Layton's success and turn him into a character in the next Smash Bros.. He's certainly popular enough and his games are always made to a high quality. Seeing Layton appear might not be all that far-fetched - with the Guild series on the 3DS eShop it is clear that Level-5 and Nintendo have a closer working relationship now than ever before. It would be nice to see Nintendo give some of that love back to Level-5 by including their most popular character in the next Smash Bros. title. Likelihood Rating - 4/5

Phoenix Wright - The Phoenix Wright series has been going for some time now and, bar some exposure on mobile platforms, is generally regarded as being a Nintendo handheld franchise. Right now Capcom and Nintendo are good buddies - Capcom are really pushing Monster Hunter on the 3DS and there is a Phoenix Wright/Professor Layton crossover coming out that suggests a closer unity between Nintendo third-party developers. There is enough evidence to suggest that Phoenix Wright could show up in the next Smash Bros. game, although I think it's a bit less likely than Layton making an appearance, given that Capcom develop for just about anyone who will take them. Likelihood Rating - 3/5

 photo SmashBros2_zps7e76b4c2.png

Mallo - Mallo is the cute critter from Intelligent Systems' Pushmo and its sequel, Crashmo. Intelligent Systems are great at developing Nintendo exclusives and Mallo has been the star of some great 3DS exclusives (albeit eShop ones). He could be just the sort of leftfield exclusive character that a new Smash Bros. game could make good use of; people wouldn't be expecting it, but there would be the potential for some interesting movesets with the character. Mallo's games are part of a new IP for Nintendo and are some of the highlights on the eShop, and so I foresee no reason why Mallo couldn't realistically show up in Smash Bros. in some capacity. Likelihood Rating - 4/5

Chrom - Chrom is the main character of Intelligent System's Fire Emblem: Awakening. It seems reasonable to assume that he'll show up in the next Smash Bros., given that Melee featured Roy and Brawl featured Ike. This suggests a trend in Smash Bros. games in advertising the heroes of whatever Fire Emblem game is out at the time. Given how well Awakening has been performing on the 3DS, it is fair to predict that Chrom will appear. Likelihood Rating - 5/5

New Form Mewtwo - Similar to the Chrom situation, I imagine that Mewtwo's new form from Pokemon X/Y will appear in the next Smash Bros. In the past two games in the series we have seen Mewtwo and Lucario who had fairly similar movesets. It makes sense to replace Lucario for a Generation VI Pokemon with the same sort of moveset again. Enter Mewtwo's new form, which will fulfil the same role as the previous Pokemon but with a swanky new design. Likelihood Rating - 5/5

Monolith Soft Character - Monolith Soft are a great Nintendo developer who are currently developing two games for the 3DS and the Wii U. While there has been very little revealed about these games, it could be possible that Nintendo will put the star of one of these two titles into the next Smash Bros. game. With a limited roster of games coming out on the Wii U (at the time of writing) it could make sense to include characters from games that are likely to gain strong cult followings. With Project Rainfall proving that the Wii could support niche RPGs (Xenoblade Chronicles, The Last Story and Pandora's Tower), it would be a good move to appease these developers by including their characters. The chance of it happening, though, is kind of slim. Likelihood Rating - 2/5

 photo SuperSmash5_zpsd2152d1d.png

Rayman - Ah, Ubisoft; one of the few third-party developers who seem to be happy to continue developing for the Wii U. When Rayman: Legends was a Wii U exclusive I would have been convinced that Rayman would show up in the next Smash Bros.. Now, I'm not so sure. While Ubisoft are still developing for the Wii U, I have no idea what relations are like between them and Nintendo after they announced that Legends was going multiplatform. At any rate, Rayman would make a cool fighter in a Smash Bros. game, although I fear that the chances of it happening have been lessened now that Legends is no longer an exclusive. Likelihood Rating - 2/5

Bayonetta - If Bayonetta 2 remains a Wii U exclusive (which Platinum Games suggests is the case) then I would be quite surprised if Bayonetta doesn't appear in the next Smash Bros.. Bayonetta can fight incredibly well, making her play style a natural gel with the mechanics of a Smash Bros. game. It would be a great show of unity between Nintendo and Platinum Games if they did work together to get Bayonetta into it, and I imagine that fans would appreciate being able to play as such as critically-acclaimed character. I see no downsides to including Bayonetta in the next Smash Bros. and it seems, at least to me, like an obvious decision. There may also be a possibility of someone from The Wonderful 101 showing up. Likelihood Rating - 5/5

Waluigi/Baby Bowser - Over the years Smash Bros. has seen the Mario roster grow to include Bowser, Peach, Luigi, Wario and...uh...Dr. Mario. If the next game in the series has to add another, the list of potential characters is growing thin. They could pick characters like Toad or Daisy, but I can't imagine how interesting they would be to control. I can, however, imagine a lanky dope like Waluigi getting some time in the spotlight, especially as 2013 is the Year of Luigi (and Waluigi and Luigi are connected). Baby Bowser is another possibility, as Nintendo seem to keep bringing that character up in different games, usually in a mini-boss role. I think the chances of one of these two characters showing up is high. On a side note, it'd be really cool to see a playable Paper Mario-styled Mario in the next Smash Bros.. Likelihood Rating - 3/5

 photo SmashBros3_zpsf419d95c.png

Another Sonic Character - Let's face it - with the recent announcement of Sonic Lost World as a supposed Nintendo exclusive, and other games such as the Mario and Sonic competitive sports titles, it is evident that Nintendo and Sega are now best buds. Seeing as we saw Sonic in Brawl, I see no reason why he wouldn't be making a return with another friend at his side in the next Smash Bros. game. As for who that friend could be, Tails would be the obvious choice, although Nintendo (or Sega) has a big character roster to choose from. I imagine that another Sonic character will show up, although I wouldn't be able to predict who in the slightest. Likelihood Rating - 5/5

Tom Nook/K.K Slider - I think the chances of playing as an Animal Crossing character in a Smash Bros. game are kind of slim, mainly because I cannot comprehend how they would fight or who you would even play as. Perhaps the only two characters with the gravitas to pull it off would be either Tom Nook or K.K Slider, who are some of the more popular Animal Crossing residents. Given that Brawl had an Animal Crossing stage, and taking the popularity of New Leaf into consideration, I suppose that one of these characters could join the playable character roster, although I don't see it happening. Likelihood Rating - 2/5

Alph/Brittany/Charlie - It's clear that Nintendo are placing a lot of importance on Pikmin 3. We saw Olimar show up in Brawl as a playable character, perhaps as a way of reminding players that Pikmin still existed. While I wouldn't have predicted that Olimar would have shown up in Brawl, now that he has, and, given the emphasis that is being put on Pikmin 3 by Nintendo on the Wii U, it suddenly seems more plausible that a character from the Pikmin series will make an appearance again. Enter Alph, Brittany and/or Charlie, the three main characters from the third instalment. I predict that the next Smash Bros. will either include Olimar again or replace him with one of the above. Likelihood Rating - 4/5

More Third Party Characters - Oh, it's bound to happen, what with Nintendo's unprecedented foray into third-party connections and Namco Bandai's involvement in the next Smash Bros.. I couldn't predict who might turn up, but there could be a few multiformat-types showing up to the party after paying Nintendo X amount of money to be featured. While Nintendo have no shortage whatsoever of great exclusive and first-party characters to pick from, it may be a gesture of good will if Nintendo buddy up with some third-party developers for the next Smash Bros. game. Does that mean we might start seeing Assassin's Creed characters in our Smash Bros. games? I wouldn't count on it happening just yet, but I would count on seeing things going more in that sort of a direction in future releases. Likelihood Rating - 3/5

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