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My Top 5 Games of this Generation

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My Top 5 Games of this Generation

As E3 and the next generation of gaming looms on the near-horizon, I thought I'd reflect on some of my favourite games of this current generation of consoles. I'm not necessarily arguing that these games are the best games to have come out this generation, but they are the games that I have personally felt to be the most satisfying. In no particular order:

#1: Journey - Journey is a great video game because it brings strangers together. While online games do this quite often, the fact that the objective in Journey, especially during the first playthrough, is so dependent on cooperation makes the interactions you have with these players truly special and positive. The novelty of meeting people in the sands and chirping to each other never wears off, and becoming a white-robed player and guiding other pilgrims on their journeys could be described as spiritual in its effectiveness. The game is a technical marvel, from its visuals to its audio, which only sweetens the deal and makes Journey into one of the most magical gaming experiences of this generation.

#2: Super Mario Galaxy - I've got to hand it to Nintendo: Galaxy is an incredible video game. As much as I love Super Mario 64 and can see the ways in which it is superior (nothing comes close to Peach's castle as a hub world and jumping into paintings), Galaxy is altogether Mario's best video game so far and is a true testament to the history of gaming. Combining fantastic level design with excellent platforming and varied challenges, Galaxy remains at the pinnacle of gameplay-based experiences this generation. Its sequel is also pretty great as well.

#3: Red Dead Redemption - Ah, I love Red Dead. Not even for the main game the story is pretty good but I'm not even a huge fan of the single-player. It's the multiplayer that I have become obsessed with, and I have sunk more time into Red Dead's multiplayer mode than any other game in my entire life. I can play Red Dead for weeks at a time without getting bored, shooting up other human players, lording it over people with golden guns and trying to exploit glitches and bugs in the game-world in order to do crazy things like go 'out of bounds'. Every time me and my group boot up Red Dead we have a new experience, and even though I have my zebra-donkey and can't level up any more, I never tire of riding around the Wild West, watching the world go by and firing my pistol into the sky.

#4: The Walking Dead - I'm a sucker for a great story. Telltale's award-winning title has technical flaws in pretty much every episode, but the way in which the characters suck the player into the story is almost unprecedented in gaming. The final scene between Clementine and Lee in Episode 5 moved so many people, and with good reason - whenever I'm in a particularly melancholy mood I go and re-watch the ending of the game and I still feel myself fighting back to the tears. The power of the performances is enough to carry the entire game, despite the lack of gameplay therein. As a powerful piece of interactive fiction, there isn't much that compares to The Walking Dead.

#5: Skyrim - I've sunk so many hours into Skyrim and I haven't even touched the surface of the main storyline. I still have two whole cities to visit for the first time. And yet, my clock still tells me that I have put well over one hundred hours into Skyrim. With the active mod community generating content on the PC version, Skyrim is an almost unlimited gaming experience, and one that hasn't been equalled, in my opinion, across this entire generation. The world is a fantastic place to explore; the scope of the game, whether modded or not, is staggering to behold. Skyrim has some rough edges, but the game does so many things right that it remains an incomparable example of an enduring fantasy world in gaming.

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