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Wide Receiver Draft Strategy

Wide receivers are easier to come by than running backs because many teams field more than one fantasy relevant receiver. Make sure you prioritize RBs accordingly. Check the Running Back Rankings for more detailed draft strategy.

First round: the only wide receiver you can justify here is Calvin Johnson. This means you pulled a late draft position, and are missing out on every elite running back. Bummer.

Second round: TE Jimmy Graham or the very elite WRs like Dez Bryant or Brandon Marshall are reasonable based on position and remaining RBs.

Third Round: try to have two RBs with this pick. If you already do, pursue your WR of choice. If an upper tier RB is still available, do not shy away from taking a third. TE Rob Gronkowski is a potentially justifiable third round selection as well. Do not take a quarterback yet.

Mid Rounds: continue to keep your eye on RBs (to snipe a quality third) as you select WRs and a QB. If you passed on Graham and Gronk, do not select a TE until you see no substantive value at RB and WR.

Late Rounds: target high-upside players. You should have already assembled the core of your team, consisting of dependable fantasy producers at every position. Pick a Defense and Kicker last.

Updated August 24

This list ranks wide receivers for the 2013 football season. It applies to standard redraft formats (PPR is nonsense). I'm short on time and I wanted to get the list up, so (for now) it's lacking the detailed breakdowns of the running back rankings. If I have the time, I'll list those details when I reassess these rankings this week (note that there are already a few alterations form the podcast). The second number in parantheses is the current ECR, so you can see where my rankings diverge with the experts and position your draft picks accordingly.


1 (1) Calvin Johnson - If you look at my RB rankings, I'd take Megatron perhaps as high as 8th, ahead of Jamaal Charles. Low draft position this year is miserable.

Tier 2 - WR1s

2 (2) Dez Bryant
3 (4) Brandon Marshall - massive amount of targets
4 (6) Demaryius Thomas - Julio with a better QB
5 (3) A.J. Green - capped by Dalton
6 (5) Julio Jones
7 (8) Roddy White
8 (10) Randall Cobb
9 (16) Danny Amendola - underrated, he will likely still be available lower
10 (7) Larry Fitzgerald

TIER 3 - WR2s

11 (12) Vincent Jackson - inconsistent, but has huge games when on
12 (13) Marques Colston
13 (11) Victor Cruz
14 (15) Wes Welker
15 (20) Jordy Nelson - recovering from knee procedure
16 (14) Dwayne Bowe - I may drop him further
17 (19) Torrey Smith
18 (18) Hakeem Nicks - should be a WR1, but always injured

TIER 4 - WR3s

19 (25) Steve Smith
20 (17) Reggie Wayne
21 (9) Andre Johnson - I underrated him in the podcast and here, but I do still say let him drop to someone else at his ADP
22 (21) Eric Decker
23 (35) Miles Austin
24 (26) DeSean Jackson
25 (23) Mike Wallace
26 (33) Greg Jennings
27 (37) Lance Moore
28 (24) Antonio Brown
29 (22) Pierre Garcon
30 (32) Anquan Boldin
31 (39) Sidney Rice

TIER 5 - Flex

32 (34) Mike Williams
33 (36) Kenny Britt
34 (28) Cecil Shorts
35 (27) James Jones
36 (44) Michael Floyd
37 (42) Denarius Moore - need to lower this rank
38 (38) Josh Gordon
39 (30) Tavon Austin
40 (29) T.Y. Hilton
41 (31) Steve Johnson

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