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David Vargas' old high school buddies noticed that he was creating a webcomic, and keeping a rigorous three-updates-a-week schedule (when The Adventures of Dave the Direman was in black and white). Well great! He shouldn't have any trouble doing three more! And they didn't need to look far for ideas: Squishy Comics will one day be known as the first comic-strip-multi-subject-autobiography, chronicling the group's chuckleheaded shenanigans.

Squishy Comics began its genre-busting, groundbreaking journey on Christmas of 2006. A year later, they joined Direman Press as a founding member, throwing in their lot with David Yun. Rumor has it that the publishing contract between Direman Press and Squishy Ink stipulates that David Yun must appear in the comic and be portrayed in the best possible light. Rumor also has it that an upcoming Wikipedia entry describes him as a raging egomaniac, who publishes the greatest website on the entire super information highway. Squishy Comics is an indispensable contributor to that greatness.

Our Staff

David Vargas

So one day, during lunch in the 11th grade, David Vargas was approached by his new friend, Dan Gallagher, who asked him an interesting question, "Sooooo, you can draw. You ever wanted to make your own comic book?" And thus was Squishy Comics born. Dave is the talent without which Squishy Comics wouldn't exist.

Arturo Aguirre

If Dave is the talent behind Squishy, Arturo is the savvy. Arturo met Dan and Dave about a year after Squishy was founded and quickly became one of its biggest supporters. Unfortunately, after Dan up and moved to New York, Squishy began to fizzle and die. Arturo took it upon himself to revive Squishy at any cost. He's the guy who gets stuff done, and getting these lazy bitches off of their asses long enough to do anything is quite an accomplishment.

Dan Gallagher

Dan had always wanted, since he was little, to make comic books, and thought that the only thing holding him back was his complete inability to draw. After teaming up with Dave in his junior year of high school, he found there was another thing holding him back: his incredible capacity for laziness. In fact, it was only the thought of his dream being taken away from him that got him to sit up and start producing something.

James Guerrero

James and Dan had been friends through most of elementary school, but drifted apart in junior high. They became friends again in the 11th grade through Dave. He was one of the original Squishy founders and even came up with the name. James is solid, rational, and helps to keep everyone grounded.

Mike Corse

If there's anyone in the world who was born with a fortuitous last name, it's Mike Corse. Other appropriate last names for Mike would have been Caustic, Abrasive or Bastard. Mike has always considered it his job to sling shit at people who deserve it. Now that it's officially is his job he couldn't be happier.

Helen Moynihan

Helen Moynihan is too good for Squishy Comics. Despite her obvious brilliance, she has serious doubts about her self-worth. She graduated from Brown University at 18, but found it hard to gain recognition in an industry now flooded with computer science majors. After nearly a decade of bouncing from one IT job to the next, Helen found herself broke, alone, and in the middle of both an unfamiliar city and a near-suicidal depression. It was at this lowest point in her life that she stumbled upon Squishy Comics, and found the prospects of working there slightly more appealing than self-termination. She cares about her coworkers, and her coworkers try their damnedest to keep her from abandoning them for bigger and better things.

Steve Gonzales

Steve got wind of Squishy Comics about the same time as Arturo and, like Arturo, quickly became one of its biggest supporters. When Squishy Comics finally got off the ground, Steve used his oft-unused mastermind skills to con his way into becoming one of Squishy Comics' vital staff members, and everyone is happy to have him.

Bianca Darksomething

Despite being a succubus from the dark infernal nether regions, Bianca is a sweet girl. She joined Squishy after being accidentally summoned by Dave. Her whole purpose now in life is to make him happy by fulfilling his every wish...which she does by being the best secretary possible.

David "Dee" Yun

Dee is a duo of writing badgers committed to interfering with every aspect of Squishy Comics. Having manipulated their way into the role of Squishy's publisher, they now secretly and unsolicitedly edit every Squishy product.

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